Our improvements in managing the transaction process result in quantifiable bottom line benefits. The terms of the transaction can be improved from the more effective due diligence process, the myriad of tasks can be coordinated to meet deadlines, and the improved integration of the target with your business will increase the long-term success of the transaction. Our services therefore embrace:

  • Legal due diligence for acquisitions, joint ventures, other transactions
  • Deploying AI technology to your multi-disciplinary due diligence team in order to enhance the review of data, shorten review time and reduce cost.
  • Integrating the legal and compliance aspects of the target with your business, including remediating risk areas identified during the due diligence exercise
  • Design and supervision of your mergers & acquisitions procedures and systems, training

legio XX approach

Due diligence focused on the key assets

Our due diligence focuses on the key assets supporting the Buyer’s strategy, and key liabilities that could destroy value. A “red flag report” can be provided referring only to the critical issues.

AI technology is used to search and review documents

Legio XX's due diligence approach is viewed as a strategic operation, driven by clearly defined objectives

Does the Buyer simply seek protection against acquiring hidden problems or is there also an agenda, to reduce the purchase price or a more commercially useful M&A through more active investigation?

Due diligence is handled by highly experienced and specialised senior lawyers, at favourable rates

Where appropriate target personnel are interviewed face-to-face for higher quality information

Legio XX's investigation is dovetailed with that of other due diligence teams

legio XX benefits

Optimise value from due diligence & reduce cost

Legio XX optimises value from the due diligence exercise and reduces cost. Outputs always include recommendations for the sale and purchase agreement in respect of ensuring title to key assets is secured and protection against key liabilities is maximised

Enhances review of data, shortens review time, reduces cost of specialists’ time

From the outset the Buyer defines the depth of the process and negotiates a purchase that reflects the desired terms and attitude to risk

In-depth analysis, employing the intuition of senior lawyers, with particular emphasis on key assets and key liabilities

Higher quality data is more speedily obtained

Avoids gaps and overlaps between different teams. Sharing of information between teams improves the overall analysis, reduces time frames and increases cost efficiency

traditional approach

An administrative chore

Due diligence has no focus

No Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used

Due diligence exercise is often undertaken as an administrative chore

Mainly handled by junior lawyers and trainees

Lawyers rely on submitting written questions to Target and receiving written responses prepared by Seller’s lawyers

Minimal collaboration with Buyer’s other external advisers and internal due diligence teams

Our aim is not just to do good due diligence but to revolutionise the process.
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